1984 Star Celtics Champs Set



Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1984
Number Cards:  25
Common Card Value (EX Condition): $6
Estimated Production Run: 10,000

1984 Star Celtics Champs Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • One of the more wider produced sets, with an estimated 10,000 sets produced  
  • The set paid tribute to the Celtics victory over the LA Lakers in the 1984 NBA Finals
  • The cards were mostly distributed to fans at the Boston Garden in Boston

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1984 Star Celtics Champs Set - Summary 

These cards were distributed in 1984 at the Boston Garden, following the Celtics victory over the Lakers in the 1984 NBA Finals.  An estimated 10,000 sets were produced.  The cards feature the trademark Star design with a 1984 in the top right corner. 

I really like how Star cataloged the events of the 1984 series....even getting quotes from players and coaches.  Check out the back of card #13 here:

From Pat Riley (on McHale's foul of Rambis):

 "It was as blatant a cheap shot as I've ever seen.  This changes the whole mood, and that is the mood it's going to be for the next three games.  They made a statement with that play.  It was like in a gang war, when the leaders meet the night before and decide on the weapons".

You can see a lot of that scrappiness in this video of the game:

Here's a full poly bag for the 1984 Star Celtics Champs set.  The first card features a card of Red Auerbach celebrating with Cedric Maxwell after the team's victory over the Lakers. 


1984 Star Celtics Champs Set - Checklist

1 Auerbach/Stern Checklist, Boston Celtics
2 Game 1, Boston Celtics
3 Game 1 (cont.),  Boston Celtics
4 Los Angeles 115 Boston 109,  Boston Celtics
5 Game 2,  Boston Celtics
6 Game 2 (cont.), Boston Celtics
7 Boston 124 Los Angeles 121 (OT), Boston Celtics
8 Game 3,  Boston Celtics
9 Game 3 (cont.), Boston Celtics
10 Los Angeles 137 Boston 104, Boston Celtics
11 Game 4, Boston Celtics
12 Game 4 (cont.), Boston Celtics
13 Boston 129 Los Angeles 125 (OT), Boston Celtics
14 Game 5, Boston Celtics
15 Game 5 (cont.), Boston Celtics
16 Boston 121 Los Angeles 103, Boston Celtics
17 Game 6, Boston Celtics
18 Game 6 (cont.), Boston Celtics
19 Los Angeles 119 Boston 108, Boston Celtics
20 Game 7, Boston Celtics
21 Game 7 (cont.), Boston Celtics
22 World Champions, Boston Celtics
23 Prior Celtic Championships, Boston Celtics
24 Larry Bird MVP, Boston Celtics
25 The Road to the Title, Boston Celtics

Most Watched 1984 Star Celtics Champs Set on eBay

Most Watched 1984 Star Celtics Champs Set on eBay