1983 Star All-Star Game Set

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Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1983
Number Cards:  32
Common Card Value (Good Condition): $10
Estimated Production Run: 15,000

Full 1983 Star All-Star Basketball Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • The first basketball set ever issued by Star
  • The set features thirty two cards of players from the 1983 NBA All-Star game
  • Note that the last two cards are not numbered
  • Features the first basketball card produced for Isiah Thomas
  • The set was sold in a cellophane wrapper and thus the cards are more condition sensitive 

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1983 Star All-Star Game Set - Summary 

The first official release for Star and one that showcased thirty players from the 1983 NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles - a thrilling game in which the East All-Stars pulled off a 132-123 victory.  

The set is recognized for featuring the first official basketball card for Isiah Thomas--although his card from the 1983-84 Star base set is more highly desired for collectors. 

The cards feature the trademark Star design and all cards in the set feature dark blue borders and a dark blue background on the back of the card. 


1983 Star All-Star Game Set - Most Valuable Cards

Larry Bird #2   


Isiah Thomas #11   


Magic Johnson #18   


Julius Erving MVP #26

Note that Dr. J has three cards in the set #1 (checklist ), #4 (regular card) and #26 - this one, all tend to have the same rough value, although #1 was on the front of the cellophane pack and is hard to find in great shape. 


Larry Bird/Robert Parish #29


1983 Star Basketball All-Star Game- Checklist

1  Julius Erving Checklist, Philadelphia 76ers
2  Larry Bird, Boston Celtics
3  Maurice Cheeks, Philadelphia 76ers
4  Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers
5  Marques Johnson, Milwaukee Bucks
6  Bill Laimbeer, Detroit Pistons
7  Moses Malone, Philadelphia 76ers
8  Sidney Moncrief, Milwaukee Bucks
9  Robert Parish, Boston Celtics
10  Reggie Theus, Chicago Bulls
11  Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons
12  Andrew Toney, Philadelphia 76ers
13  Buck Williams, New Jersey Nets
14  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles Lakers
15  Alex English, Denver Nuggets
16  George Gervin, San Antonio Spurs
17  Artis Gilmore, Chicago Bulls
18  Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers
19  Maurice Lucas, Phoenix Suns
20  Jim Paxson, Portland Trail Blazers
21  Jack Sikma, Seattle SuperSonics
22  David Thompson, Seattle SuperSonics
23  Kiki Vandeweghe, Denver Nuggets
24  Jamaal Wilkes, Los Angeles Lakers
25  Gus Williams, Seattle SuperSonics
26  Julius Erving MVP, Philadelphia 76ers
27  Reggie Theus and Moses Malone
28  All-Star All-Time Leaders, The East Coast Line
29  Boston Bombers, East Box - Boston Celtics
30  Sidney Soars, West Box Score Milwaukee Bucks
No Number - Artis Gilmore and Alex English
No Number - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Most Watched 1983 Star All-Star Basketball on eBay

Most Watched 1983 Star All-Star Basketball on eBay