Star Basketball Resources

Basketball Gold - One of the top resources online that covers everything you need to know about Star Basketball Cards

All Vintage Cards Interview With Steve Taft - Shameless plug, our interview with Steve Taft, one of the leading Star authenticators and dealers of Star cards.

Another Steve Taft Interview - Great Interview of Steve Taft with

"When You Wish Upon A Star, Look Out" - SF Gate story on Shop At Home scandal

"NBA judgment: Jack DeAngelis sold counterfeit trading card sets" - Pocono Record news story on NBA lawsuit against Robert Levin and others.

Announcement that SCD would grade Star Cards

Announcement from 2008 that Beckett would start grading Star Cards

Good article from SCD on Star 84-85 Set

Net54 Forum post with discussion on Star cards to avoid

Blowout Forums posts discussing Schonco Sports (note these cards were those sold by Robert Levin from his personal collection)

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