1984-85 Star Dallas Mavericks Arena Set





Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1984
Number Cards:  11
Common Card Value (EX Condition): $5
Estimated Production Run: 3000

1984-85 Star Dallas Mavs Arena Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • The cards known as Star 'Arena' sets were sold in basketball arenas in the NBA  
  • This is one of five Arena sets produced by Star in 1984, and also included the Bucks, 76ers, Celtics and Lakers
  • The set features 11 player cards, and includes two uncorrected error cards
  • Full, unopened team bags are fairly inexpensive and can be found sometimes for less than $50

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1984-85 Star Dallas Mavericks Arena Set - Summary 

The set, as with other Arena sets was sold at local arenas, in the case of the Mavericks, at the Reunion Arena during the 84-85 NBA season. 

Here's a full poly bag for the 1984-85 Mavs set.  The first card features Mark Aguirre, and is one of the uncorrected error cards, as his last name is misspelled 'Aguire'. 

As with all other Star Arena sets, the backs of the cards are a bit plainer than normal Star fashion with no stat line and a very simplified biography.  Here's the back of the team bag which shows the last card of #11 Mark West.

Note that the other uncorrected error card in the set is with Derek Harper, whose name is misspelled as "Mike Harper" ...um, not sure how they messed up that one?

1984-85 Star Dallas Mavericks Arena Set Gallery

1984-85 Star Dallas Mavericks Arena Set - Checklist

1 Mark Aguirre UER, Dallas Mavericks
2 Rolando Blackman, Dallas Mavericks
3 Brad Davis, Dallas Mavericks
4 Dale Ellis, Dallas Mavericks
5 Bill Garnett, Dallas Mavericks
6 Derek Harper UER, Dallas Mavericks
7 Kurt Nimphius, Dallas Mavericks
8 Jim Spanarkel, Dallas Mavericks
9 Elston Turner, Dallas Mavericks
10 Jay Vincent, Dallas Mavericks
11 Mark West, Dallas Mavericks