1985 Star Last 11 ROY Set




Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1985
Number Cards:  11
Common Card Value (EX Condition): $5
Estimated Production Run: 5000

Full 1985 Star Last 11 ROY Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • Features the last eleven winners of  NBA Rookie Of The Year from 1974 through 1985  
  • Cards are numbered in reverse chronological order with the most recent (1985) winner #1 (Jordan)
  • The Michael Jordan card from the set is very popular and heavily counterfeited
  • For some odd reason, Star put 'Star 86' on the top right of the cards for Darrell Griffith and Jamaal Wilkes (the other cards say 'Star 85')

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1985 Star Last 11 ROY Set - Summary 

A popular Star subset, due to the inclusion of card #1 of Michael Jordan.  The set includes the last 11 Rookie of The Year winners in the NBA, dating in reverse order from 1985 back to 1974.


Here's a full poly bag for the 1985 Star Last 11 ROY set..  The Jordan on the front is by far the most valuable card in the set. 

Here's the back of the Jordan card.  Note that Jordan's card features stats from his career at North Carolina while all of the other cards show their NBA statistics. 


1985 Star Last 11 ROY Set  - Checklist

1 Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls
2 Ralph Sampson, Houston Rockets
3 Terry Cummings, Milwaukee Bucks
4 Buck Williams, New Jersey Nets
5 Darrell Griffith, Utah Jazz
6 Larry Bird, Boston Celtics
7 Phil Ford, Chicago Bulls
8 Walter Davis, Phoenix Suns
9 Adrian Dantley, Utah Jazz
10 Alvan Adams, Phoenix Suns
11 Jamaal Wilkes,  Los Angeles Lakers