1983-84 Star Basketball Set

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Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1984
Number Cards:  275
Common Card Value (Ex Condition): $7
Estimated Production Run: 5000

Full 1983-84 Star Basketball Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • The inaugural issue for Star and the only licensed basketball card issue produced in 1984.  
  • The cards were issued in four series and sold in poly bags as team sets.
  • The first series was plagued with print issues with many cards destroyed due to miscuts.
  • Colors on the front of the card corresponds to the players' team colors.
  • The set includes some key first issue Extended Rookie Cards (or XRC) including Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins and Isiah Thomas 

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1983-84 Star Basketball - Summary 

Star Basketball cards got their official launch in 1984, as the only NBA licensed product between 1984 and 1985.  Their inaugural set - known as the 1983-1984 Star Basketball Set consisted of 276 cards.  The cards were a bit of an anomaly, due to their issuance as team sets in clear poly bags.  Thus, Star Cards were not issued via the traditional method of unopened wax packs.  Each team poly bag contained between 11 to 13 cards. 

The team sets were distributed to dealers, via Star Company master distributors, thus the bags could be purchased at local card shows or card stores and via mail order.  The 1983-84 Star set was issued in four different series, with the first sixty cards of the set considered to be 'short printed' due to problems with the printing process early on at Star. Note that while production of the first Star issue was believed to be 5000 of each card, it is also believed that the first sixty cards had less than 1000 of each issued to the public


The Star design was quite simple and remained fairly consistent throughout their history of producing basketball cards. The fronts of the cards featured a background color representative of the player's team colors.  As shown with the Larry Bird Star Card (#26) from the set below (which is also a Short Print by the way), the green background is aligned with the Boston Celtics team colors.  The Star logo and issue year are shown on the top right corner; on the bottom, the team logo and player name.


Note that the backs of the card also have a lighter tint that corresponds with the front color on the card.  As we can see with the Bird card, the background on the back is a lighter shade of green.  On the back the player's name is shown with some biographical information and recent stats.   You can see trademark and copyright information at the bottom of the card. 


The 1983-84 Star Set is full of some of big time rookie cards, including Mark Aguirre, Danny Ainge, Tom Chambers, Clyde Drexler, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins and James Worthy. 

Note that some in the hobby refer to these cards as an "Extended Rookie Card (or XRC)", a term coined by Beckett.  Many debate this; Beckett's argument---since Star wasn't a typical set included in packs and distributed by a major distributor, they shouldn't be consider a true 'rookie card'. 

1983-84 Star Basketball - Most Valuable Cards

Julius Erving #1 (Short Print)   

estimated production run: <1000

Magic Johnson #13 (Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #14 (Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

James Worthy #25 (RC, Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

Larry Bird #26 (Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

Kevin McHale  #34 (Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

Robert Parish  #35 (Short Print)

estimated production run: <1000

Isiah Thomas #94 (RC)


Clyde Drexler #100 (RC)


Dominique Wilkins #263 (RC)


1983-84 Star Basketball - Checklist

Philadelphia 76ers
1 Julius Erving
2 Maurice Cheeks
3 Franklin Edwards
4 Marc Iavaroni
5 Clemon Johnson
6 Bobby Jones
7 Moses Malone
8 Leo Rautins
9 Clint Richardson
10 Sedale Threatt RC
11 Andrew Toney RC
12 Sam Williams

Los Angeles Lakers
13 Magic Johnson
14 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
15 Michael Cooper
16 Calvin Garrett
17 Mitch Kupchak
18 Bob McAdoo
19 Mike McGee
20 Swen Nater
21 Kurt Rambis RC
22 Byron Scott RC
23 Larry Spriggs
24 Jamaal Wilkes
25 James Worthy RC

Boston Celtics
26 Larry Bird
27 Danny Ainge RC
28 Quinn Buckner
29 M.L. Carr
30 Carlos Clark
31 Gerald Henderson
32 Dennis Johnson
33 Cedric Maxwell
34 Kevin McHale
35 Robert Parish
36 Scott Wedman
37 Greg Kite RC

Milwaukee Bucks
38 Sidney Moncrief
39 Nate Archibald
40 Randy Breuer RC
41 Junior Bridgeman
42 Harvey Catchings
43 Kevin Grevey
44 Marques Johnson
45 Bob Lanier
46 Alton Lister RC
47 Paul Mokeski RC
48 Paul Pressey RC

Dallas Mavericks
49 Mark Aguirre RC
50 Rolando Blackman RC
51 Pat Cummings
52 Brad Davis RC
53 Dale Ellis RC
54 Bill Garnett
55 Derek Harper RC
56 Kurt Nimphius
57 Jim Spanarkel
58 Elston Turner
59 Jay Vincent RC
60 Mark West RC

New York Knicks
61 Bernard King
62 Bill Cartwright
63 Len Elmore
64 Eric Fernsten
65 Ernie Grunfeld
66 Louis Orr
67 Leonard Robinson
68 Rory Sparrow RC
69 Trent Tucker RC
70 Darrell Walker RC
71 Marvin Webster
72 Ray Williams

Houston Rockets
73 Ralph Sampson RC
74 James Bailey
75 Phil Ford
76 Elvin Hayes
77 Caldwell Jones
78 Major Jones
79 Allen Leavell
80 Lewis Lloyd
81 Rodney McCray RC
82 Robert Reid
83 Ty Teagle RC
84 Wally Walker

Detroit Pistons
85 Kelly Tripucka RC
86 Kent Benson
87 Earl Cureton
88 Lionel Hollins
89 Vinnie Johnson
90 Bill Laimbeer
91 Cliff Levingston RC
92 John Long
93 David Thirdkill
94 Isiah Thomas RC
95 Ray Tolbert
96 Ty Tyler

Portland Trail Blazers
97 Jim Paxson
98 Kenny Carr
99 Wayne Cooper
100 Clyde Drexler RC
101 Jeff Lamp RC
102 Lafayette Lever RC
103 Calvin Natt
104 Audie Norris
105 Tom Piotrowski
106 Mychal Thompson
107 Darnell Valentine RC
108 Pete Verhoeven

Phoenix Sons
109 Walter Davis
110 Alvan Adams
111 James Edwards
112 Rod Foster RC
113 Maurice Lucas
114 Kyle Macy
115 Larry Nance RC
116 Charles Pittman
117 Rick Robey
118 Mike Sanders RC
119 Alvin Scott
120 Paul Westphal

San Diego Clippers
121 Bill Walton
122 Michael Brooks
123 Ty Cummings RC
124 James Donaldson RC
125 Craig Hodges RC
126 Greg Kelser RC
127 Hank McDowell
128 Billy McKinney
129 Norm Nixon
130 Ricky Pierce RC
131 Derek Smith RC
132 Jerome Whitehead

New Jersey Nets
145 Buck Williams RC
146 Otis Birdsong
147 Darwin Cook
148 Darryl Dawkins
149 Mike Gminski
150 Reggie Johnson
151 Albert King RC
152 Mike O'Koren
153 Kelvin Ransey
154 Micheal Ray Richards
155 Foots Walker
156 Bill Willoughby

Indiana Pacers
157 Steve Stipanovich RC
158 Butch Carter
159 Leroy Combs
160 George T. Johnson
161 Clark Kellogg RC
162 Sidney Lowe RC
163 Kevin McKenna
164 Jerry Sichting RC
165 Brook Steppe
166 Jimmy Thomas
167 Granville Waiters
168 Herb Williams RC

Chicago Bulls
169 Dave Corzine
170 Wallace Bryant
171 Quintin Dailey RC
172 Sidney Green RC
173 David Greenwood
174 Rod Higgins RC
175 Clarence Johnson
176 Ronnie Lester
177 Jawann Oldham
178 Ennis Whatley RC
179 Mitchell Wiggins RC
180 Orlando Woolridge RC

Denver Nuggets
181 Kiki Vandeweghe RC
182 Richard Anderson
183 Howard Carter
184 T.R. Dunn
185 Keith Edmonson
186 Alex English
187 Mike Evans
188 Bill Hanzlik RC
189 Dan Issel
190 Anthony Roberts
191 Danny Schayes RC
192 Rob Williams

Seattle SuperSonics
193 Jack Sikma
194 Fred Brown
195 Tom Chambers RC
196 Steve Hawes
197 Steve Hayes
198 Reggie King
199 Scooter McCray
200 Jon Sundvold RC
201 Danny Vranes
202 Gus Williams
203 Al Wood

Washington Bullets
204 Jeff Ruland RC
205 Greg Ballard
206 Charles Davis
207 Darren Daye
208 Michael Gibson
209 Frank Johnson RC
210 Joe Kopicki
211 Rick Mahorn
212 Jeff Malone RC
213 Tom McMillen
214 Ricky Sobers
215 Bryan Warrick

Kansas City Kings
216 Billy Knight
217 Don Buse
218 Larry Drew RC
219 Eddie Johnson RC
220 Joe Meriweather
221 Larry Micheaux
222 Ed Nealy RC
223 Mark Olberding
224 Dave Robisch
225 Reggie Theus
226 LaSalle Thompson RC
227 Mike Woodson

Cleveland Cavaliers
228 World B. Free
229 John Bagley RC
230 Jeff Cook
231 Geoff Crompton
232 John Garris
233 Stewart Granger
234 Roy Hinson RC
235 Phil Hubbard
236 Geoff Huston
237 Ben Poquette
238 Cliff Robinson
239 Lonnie Shelton
240 Paul Thompson

San Antonio Spurs
241 George Gervin
242 Gene Banks
243 Ron Brewer
244 Artis Gilmore
245 Edgar Jones
246 John Lucas
247a Mike Mitchell
248a Mark McNamara RC
249 Johnny Moore
250 John Paxson RC
251 Fred Roberts RC

Golden State Warriors
252 Joe Barry Carroll
253 Mike Bratz
254 Don Collins
255 Lester Conner
256 Chris Engler
257 Sleepy Floyd RC
258 Wallace Johnson
259 Pace Mannion
260 Purvis Short
261 Larry Smith
262 Darren Tillis

Atlanta Hawks
263 Dominique Wilkins RC
264 Rickey Brown
265 Johnny Davis
266 Mike Glenn RC
267 Scott Hastings RC
268 Eddie Johnson
269 Mark Landsberger
270 Billy Paultz
271 Doc Rivers RC
272 Tree Rollins
273 Dan Roundfield
274 Sly Williams
275 Randy Wittman RC

Most Watched 1983 Star Basketball Cards on eBay

Most Watched 1983 Star Basketball Cards on eBay