1984 Star Larry Bird Set




Fast Facts

Year(s) Issued: 1984
Number Cards:  18
Common Card Value (EX Condition): $10
Estimated Production Run: 10,000

Full 1984 Star Larry Bird Checklist

Keys For Collectors

  • A tribute player set from Star for Celtics great Larry Bird--one of five Star sets dedicated to players produced from 1984-1986  
  • The set highlights Bird's career and was released in 1984 
  • One of the more widely produced Star sets, with an estimated production run of 10,000  
  • Still fairly affordable as unopened sets can often be found for around $100-$125

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1984 Star Larry Bird Set - Summary 

This set is a tribute set to Larry Bird and features 18 cards of the 'Hick From French Lick'.  Each card features a highlight in Bird's career, ranging from his Rookie Of The Year #3, 1984 NBA MVP (#12) and even a Career Data Card (#16) that features a shot of Bird and Parish from the All-Star Game--note this is the same exact photo used in the 1983 All Star Game Set.  The #2 Bird/Parish Card from the 1983 All-Star set also uses the same photo in the Larry Bird Set #9.  (see below).


Here's a full poly bag for the 1984 Larry Bird set.  The Bird on the front is the first card in the set and has the checklist for the set on the back of the card.  Note that the set includes 18 cards, all of Larry Bird.


Here's the back:


1984 Star Larry Bird Set - Gallery

1984 Star Larry Bird Set - Checklist

1 Larry Bird, Checklist, Boston Celtics
2 Larry Bird, Collegiate Stats, Boston Celtics
3 1980 Rookie ROY, Boston Celtics
4 Larry Bird, Regular Season Stats, Boston Celtics
5 Larry Bird, Playoff Stats, Boston Celtics
6 Larry Bird, All-Star Stats, Boston Celtics
7 Larry Bird, The 1979-80 Season, Boston Celtics
8 Larry Bird, The 1980-81 Season, Boston Celtics
9 Larry Bird, The 1981-82 Season, Boston Celtics
10 Larry Bird, The 1982-83 Season, Boston Celtics
11 Larry Bird, The 1983-84 Season, Boston Celtics
12 Larry Bird, The 1984 NBA MVP, Boston Celtics
13 Member - 1984 Boston Celtics
14 World Champions Boston Celtics
15 1984 Free Throw Boston Celtics

16 Larry Bird, Career Data, Boston Celtics
17 Larry Bird, Personal Data, Boston Celtics
18 Larry Bird, The Future, Boston Celtics

Most Watched 1984 Star Larry Bird Set on eBay

Most Watched 1984 Star Larry Bird Set on eBay